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The neglected art of being interviewed is the one

opportunity to rise above the rest of the crowd.  One

can have the best resume in the world; however,

the interview is of the utmost importance to getting

the right job for you. We’ve listed some tips in the

next three tabs that should help you relax and make

a great impression.
  • Tell a Story - Know your accomplishments and have examples to illustrate your performance strengths and ability to act as a team player.
  • Due Dillegence - Have a list of interviewing questions that shows your interest in learning more about the position, the company, and their associates.
  • Smile - Be enthusiastic, but not fake. Project optimism and never use offensive language.  Good eye contact is key
  • Image is Important - Dress appropriately for the position for which you are applying. It's better to over dress than under dress. Wear conservative clothes when in doubt.
  • Time is of the Essence - Be on time. Arrive at least 15 minutes early and if you are going to be late call the interviewer, the recruiter who sent you, or both.
  •  The Written Word  - Resume. Always keep an updated resume that contains a heading (name, address, phone number), summary of qualifications, accomplishments/results, experience, education and other relevant data. If possible, try to keep your resume to two pages or less; use white 8.5 x 11-inch paper; and list employment history in reverse chronological order (present to last). Click here to see a sample resume
  • Friendly and Too Much Information - Be courteous to everyone you encounter at the interviewing office and never bring up personal problems in the interview.
  • The Past is the Past - Never "bad-mouth" a past employer and give your present employer adequate notice when resigning.  It is not a bad answer to say that you had a personality conflict with your supervisor and were unable to work it out so you felt that it was better for both you and the company if you left.
  • Make the Ask - Ask for the position.
  • Follow Up - Always follow up within 24 hours with a sincere thank-you note, letter, e-mail or fax.
  • Documentation - Always obtain the business card from each person who interviews you. 
  • Be Prepared - If possible, have notes on yourself and accomplishments close at hand. You don't want to forget to mention a key point, but try not sound like you are reading a speech.
  • Express Yourself - Convey energy and enthusiasm with your voice.
  • Moderation - Moderate your vocal pace.
  • Cardinal Sins - Avoid using pauses such as "ah,"uhm" and "uh."
  • Tone - Use a low tone of voice which will convey a sense of trust and credibility.
  • Precision - Speak clearly and concisely.
  • Pause - Always remember: Take a second to evaluate the question and what you are going to say, because once you have spoken, your words can't be taken back.

TempsPlus is a leading provider of employment solutions.  We want to find the right job.  In the event we have a position we think might be of interest to you, we will call and run it past you.  You can either say great I would like to interview or no I am looking for something else.  You control the process and we will continue to look for you until we find a position for you, you find something on your own, or until you tell us to stop.

We want you to find the right position, whether through our agency or another venue.  Below are links to other employment related sites.




Production, Assembly, and Machining Positions
Accepting applications for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shifts.  Must have previous experience, be able to successfully pass state and national background check, along with a five panel drug screen.  Positions start @ $10.10/hr and require steel toe boots.  Call (270) 444-0030 to schedule an interview.

Looking for experienced administrative assistants.  Must have strong office clerical skills.  Experience in the medical industry a plus.

Warehouse, general labor, and diesel mechanics.  Day and 3rd Shift (5 pm to 12:00 am).  Majority require steel toed boots.

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